How To: Replace the Radiator in a Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager, Chrysler Town and Country

Question: How do I replace the radiator in my Dodge Caravan which is also a Plymouth Voyager or Chrysler Town And Country?

Best Answer: In order to replace your radiator you should first verify that it is in fact your problem. Radiators can become clogged over time if the cooling system is not periodically flushed out and if the antifreeze/coolant is not changed as required; but most radiator problems occur when a leak develops in the coils of the unit. Many times corrosion will eat into the aluminum and cause the leaks. Other leaks are caused by overheating and/or leaking plastic tanks on the sides of the radiator. Be sure to check the hoses and radiator cap before changing the radiator.

After securing the new part from your local autoparts store, removal is begun by disassembly of the cover over the top of the radiator. the cooling system will have to be drained and the hoses will need to be removed. The electric cooling fans will have to be disconnected at the rear of the assembly and the transmission cooler and air conditioning condenser will have to be removed from the front of the assembly. See the following video for an excellent guide to completing this job yourself.

In this video I show a step by step way to remove the old radiator and replace it with a new radiator. If you car is leaking antifreeze coolant from the radiator you will need to do a repair like the one shown here.

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