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Welcome to our family website. It is an interactive database of almost 30,000 names and families. You can start by visiting the website link below and  searching for a name in the search boxes. Or you can check out the latest changes to the database by clicking the “What’s New” link for an update on all the changes in the last thirty days. Just remember… you are limited to non-living data and will be unable to edit items until you sign up for an account.

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There are several family crests available for most surnames and the same is true with “Scheer.” This just happens to be the nicest I have found.

Some of the more common names in the database include Scheer – Falterman – Knight – Verdun – Holden – Billiot – Nottrott – Wiesner – Dufour – Galland – Matylis – Dupre – Smith – Arndt – Naquin. Many other names are present as affiliated with Cajun and Acadian ancestry in Louisiana.

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