How To: Replace The Side Mirror on a Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager, Chrysler Town and Country

Question: How do I replace the side mirror in my Dodge Caravan which is also a Plymouth Voyager or Chrysler Town And Country?

Best Answer: Many times a mirror can become damaged from striking a stationary object such as another car, mailbox, garbage can etc. Side mirrors can also become victim to damage from flying objects such as rocks, bb guns, or other forms of vandalism. Most mirrors are designed to be easily replaced and the side mirror on a Dodge minivan is no exception.

After securing the new part from your local autoparts store, removal is begun by prying off the triangular cover on the outside of the mirror assembly. It will expose two “Torx” style star pattern bolts which will have to be removed. Be careful to select the proper tool and size as “Allen” style tools may cause the bolts to become stripped. A third star pattern bolt can be reached upon opening the driver or passenger side door. Once removed, the mirror will pull away from the body of the vehicle.

Electrically adjusted mirrors and self defrosting or heated mirrors will require the disconnection of the pigtail socket from inside the vehicle. To access the electrical connection, the upriser plastic trim will have to be removed. This can be done by gently prying the plastic cover from the top and then wiggling it free as you pull upwards. The mirror connection will now be accessible at the bottom near the dash and easily released by pressing on the tab on the connector. Just plug the connector in from the new mirror and reinstall as shown in the following video.

This video is a step by step instruction for the removal and replacement of the side mirror on a 1996-2007 Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager and Chrysler Town and Country. Other years may apply.

The mirror being replace is a heated electric mirror, but all other versions will use the same process to do the repair.